X-SELL… sales performance program for all sales & non-sales teams

There is not an area of your life where sales skills cannot be a benefit. Teachers use sales skills. Preachers use sales skills. Police officers use sales skills. Non-sales employees professionals use sales skills. Regardless of what you do, sales skills will improve  your probability for success at motivating, instructing, encouraging, coaching,  communicating with and reaching people.

X-Sell is designed to create & deploy customized sales enhancement programs, ensuring an effective transition from tradition or even basic consultative sales processes to eventually collaborative sales process, keeping the organizations unique business needs in mind.

This completely interactive, role-play and game infused program takes the participants through a journey of self-discovery, looking at things from a different perspective & applying new techniques to sell better.


X-Sell in your non-sales roles and personal abilities through life skills from sales!

Program features


Sales for non-sales modules, with focus on enhancing the abilities of all participants to understand buy-in signs, communication patterns and non-verbal cues to tailor their own communication


Game, role-play and case-study based


Individual Assessment at the start , mid way & ending


Infusion of organization & individual specific development areas


The opportunity to learn in a safe environment and practice skills with others

What are the benefits of the program?

Sales & Marketing Teams

How other teams benefit

Who will benefit from this program?

Program type & duration

Foundational Skills

Advanced Topics