Just GOlf for it! …What do you do when your only opponent is YOU!

Just GOlf for it!

Applying SPORTS for StructureSkills & Sustainability at work!

It is said that a lot can be accomplished on a golf turf!

From making simple decisions like “which club do I use”, “how much power”, “what angle”, etc., to taking everything around into consideration like rain, wind, trees, multiple sand traps, and deep rough, the game of golf mirrors the game of life in many ways. It easily is one of the best ways to understand action-reflection-strategy and decision making, especially as the only person helping you or standing in your way is you!

With our unique “JUST GOlf FOR IT” program, we bring this very essence that the game of golf offers to you on a platter! Played in a world-class blended format, the program brings to the player an incredible mix of real world gameplay and technology enabled simulation.

Program features

Simulated Golf Course & Professional Golf club range and complete kit

Certified Golf & Behaviour coach

4-6 hours of tee-time with practise sessions and individual coaching

Immediate data on every shot played

Benefits to participants

Why organizations & individuals choose JUST GOlf FOR IT?

A great way to let individuals identify themselves with some essential life lessons and drive a deeper understanding of key concepts that are applicable in professional and personal spaces

Get teams to engage with each other, explore and support each other, unlike typical outbound programs

No prior knowledge or expertise in playing the game. The game is an incredible method to gain access to a lot of “inner” learning

Learn in a safe environment and have a lot of fun while doing so!