TIKI-TAKA …converting workplaces into sports arenas!

How is your motivation directed?

what are your action patterns?

Are you a sprinter or marathoner internally?

What gives you boost…endurance or explosiveness?

Do you prefer fine or gross mental or physical skilled work?


Applying SPORTS for StructureSkills & Sustainability at work!

TIKI-TAKA lets you discover, understand and build on the answers to these questions, and much more, through a highly engaging sports driven experiential program.

TIKI-TAKA is the only program of its kind, that, as the name suggests, is about giving you a “BREAK”, where you get to play a very stimulating game, through which specific outcomes or goals can be addressed!

Program features

An immersive learning format

Identify & build up on mental processes which manage, guide and direct other mental processes

MyndCode Report

A comprehensive pre-to-post program assessment on mental processes

Skills, morale & outcome report

In-game observations, post-session assessments

Staged situations

Participants are continuously engrossed in facing situations that they typically find uncomfortable handling, thereby, challenging them to make decisions that stimulate new responses

Benefits to participants

Who will benefit from this program?

Key traits/topics addressed