ACTIV8… impactful, engrossing, immersive learning through theatre


ACTivate your creative, strategic, communicative and  execution skills through an impactful and highly innovate way through immersive, fun-oriented & empowering concepts  from Theatre, Creative Movement and Storytelling

Theatre-based corporate training in India has evolved from role plays, ice-breakers and team-building activities into a serious tool. Companies are using it for everything from behavioural adaptation,  change management and leadership skills development to handling cultural and personal issues. 

An experienced facilitator and performance coach guides the audience through specific scenario based performances, which involve concepts that impact the audience’s life on a professional as well as personal level.  The programs have found significant acceptance from participants, due to its mode of engagement, simplicity and impactful takeaways.

Program features

Both formats use Theatre, Creative Movement, Movie scenes, video logs, Improv and Storytelling based concepts

Dramatized workshop-1

Workshop created and executed by professional actors on stage, based on pre-defined objectives

Dramatized workshop - 2

Workshop conceptualized, designed & executed by participants, under supervision of experienced coach

Benefits to participants

Learn & apply Storytelling techniques

Uncovers limiting beliefs, enables group work in a supportive environment and offers exploration of what an audience requires

Why organizations choose Activate?

Working with actors, theatre coaches and facilitators helps participants get deep-rooted psychological, behavioral and role-specific inputs to help uncover hidden abilities, overcome known apprehensions and create a road map to personal success

Team Building with Theatre can be a great way to allow teams to release some tension, change group dynamics and have fun. Using a combination of games and improvisations that can ultimately lead to creating a performance develops great team spirit

Key programs

Leader In a Theatre

The Charismatic YOU

Me, Myself & I

Team skills through drama

Conflict Management

Collaboration & Work Ethics

Gender sensitivity

Work-life balance