“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous,
leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise
into and above the clouds.”  
Edward Abbey

The outdoor Adventure Leadership Camp is designed and developed with the passion for self-development and transformation by providing opportunities to participants to explore and learn leadership skills through outdoor adventure. The experience equips you with transferable skills to all aspects of life.

Program features


2-day leadership program full of energy, excitement, fun, activities and learning


The best in every participant is brought out to help them grow as leaders through adventure sports such as rappelling, camping, trekking and much more.


The use of soft adventure activities and management games to develop various themes such as leadership skills, conflict management, communication and teamwork in a group of people.


Program is built on the lines of how to  get leaders to have the ability to take risks, challenge the status quo when required, and make courageous decisions


Activities and experiences are in turn reviewed and integrated to the corporate environment through ‘class-room’ sessions by leading professional management and HR consultants / facilitators.

What you will take back from these 2 days?

Why organizations choose ADVENTURE LEADERSHIP CAMP

By moving out of the comfort zone of their normal office environment to the outdoors to participate in some specially designed outdoor management games.

With the help of cutting – edge tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Experiential Outdoor Learning and Context Coaching – the program will facilitate all the participants to break through their barriers and conditions that limit their leadership and personal growth