Is it possible to drive a greater level of enterprise, ownership, business acumen and strategy within your team without compromising on any aspect of the business itself, and be able to do so in a safe environment?

The need to enable these traits in employees at various levels, in the fast paced and global scenario  of today is constantly on the increase. To meet this very need, our Inner Game of Business programs are tailored to help develop capabilities in formulating, implementing, and adapting business strategies and decisions in a competitive environment.

So why not give them a business to RUN, experience the complexities or ease I =n various decision making stages, identify their strategies based on market reactions, build P&L statements … all on  a real-time basis!

The programs are designed in TWO formats, that simulate real-world experiences, where teams compete against each other to gain market share, make decisions, learn from the outcomes and of course… have fun all along!

Format I

Hands-on Game based business simulation

Participants plan & create a strategy to run their business for a year, simulated into a 3-4 hr format and based on the game rules. Game includes creation of ads, product design, recruitment, investor relationship management & customer centricity

Format II

Online Business simulation

This immersive learning environment that involves high-end video game technologies, participants assume the role of a business owner or a senior executive, who has to make decisions on pricing, production, quality, advertising, employee morale and ensure a successful product launch of a new venture.

Players get access to all elements of running a business, make decisions based on facts available, make changes based on real-time scenarios and competition, and have a keen eye on the overall economics of the business.