We recognize that delivering sustainable services means taking into account the interests of all stakeholders involved. We firmly believe that we can make significant contribution not only as a service provider but also as a responsible business partner. With this primary objective in mind, we have devised cost-effective, high-quality solutions that are customized to best suit our client’s needs, based on the issues that challenge them. Though the gamut of our services has been standardized to a large extent based on our experience across various industry verticals, each program we develop is custom designed, ensuring that the program is as unique as the requirement itself.

Academic to corporate excellence ACE

Myndscope’s Academy to Corporate Excellence Program (ACE) is designed to enable academic institutions and students to bridge the gap in expectations between potential employers, businesses & industries and students getting ready to kick-start their careers.

The ACE program uses experiential learning methodologies that sensitizes students to reflect on dimensions which have been left unexplored. From induction programs, technical training programs, business-acumen enhancement, soft skills trainings, leadership trainings and management Development Programs, we don’t leave any stone unturned for the expedited learning of an individual.

Teacher and faculty programs

In order to avoid widening the gap between current trends and legacy methodologies we understand the need for specific life skills for teachers, trainers and faculty at academic institutions. Our teacher and faculty programs encompass learning outcomes identified by the institution as well as specific goals identified by individuals.

  • Delivery of comprehensive Teacher Induction Programs
  • Delivery of Train the teacher programs that focus on presentation skills, cultural sensitivity, facilitation skills and techniques for teaching in today’s diverse environment
  • Enhancing student – teacher relationships through effective communication, understanding social styles, motivation and constructive feedback models
  • Strategies to become an effective teacher using research based and effective teaching strategies
  • Effective classroom management using effective planning, organizing and time management techniques

Incubation programs

The need for individuals getting “employment-ready” has never been more significant than it is today. This transition for a fresh graduate is a big adjustment and can lead to situations that are stressful, both to the organization as well as the graduate.
INCUBATE is a specialist Academy to Corporate Excellence program of Kaleidoscope, that

  • Designs and delivers experiential learning programmes that fast-track business experience, focused on the transition from campus to corporate workplace
  • Helps academic institutions & employers set-up a physical or virtual “incubator” to enable continual learning & enhancement
  • Is tailor-made to the specific needs of the institution & students; bridging the gap between required skill sets and current skill sets
  • Focuses on enhancing employability, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
  • Is built in tandem with the collative goals of the institution, focus groups & individuals

A direct and immediate benefit of the INCUBATE program is that it empowers participants to take better control of their careers, by making the right decisions in their career choices.

The key benefits to participants include:

  • Exposure to real business scenarios
  • Practically developed and globally-centered curriculums
  • Technology enabled learning
  • Student profiling with skill set analysis
  • Develop into market ready professional
  • Constant feedback through audio/visual support
  • Personalized progress reports with recommendations
  • Certification provided for industry recognition

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