Myndscope’s Sports Performance Coaching program enables amateur, professional and aspiring sportspersons, as well as coaches and sports parents to achieve high levels of mental fitness through scientific yet simple-to-learn and easy-to-apply neuroscience & behavior science based coaching methods.

The program is designed with the key objective of enabling sports persons to achieve superior levels of performance and overall development by becoming faster, stronger, and more explosive!


The SPC is the first results-oriented sports coaching program that:

  • Is committed to helping athletes, coaches and sports parents reach greater levels of cognitive & emotional fitness, achieve high levels of performance, and enjoy their sport participation.

  • Is built using a combination of neuroscience, sports psychology, mind-coaches and technology to help athletes improve performance by improving their mental game.

  • Enables coachees to identify, empower and sustain mental and emotional fitness for specific objectives.

  • Uses highly customizable interventions delivered in-person, classroom, phone based or focus-group basis

Some of the key services offered under the SPC program are:

  • Peak performance coaching
    (Professionals | Amateurs | Young athletes | Coaches | Sports parents | Institutions)
  • Coach Certification
    (mental coaches | sports coaches)
  • 1-1 Coaching | Team Coaching
  • Building mental stamina/ endurance
  • Performing under pressure
  • Being in the “zone” training
  • Energy Recovery Techniques
  • Adaptive and Effective Thinking
  • Motivation and Resiliency
  • Goal Setting-Goal Getting Strategies
  • Motivation; confidence building


The objectives derived from the SPC program are fairly vast as no two sports persons or sports programs are alike

List of some of the key issues the SPC program addresses:

  • Stress of Anticipated Failure
  • Stress of Unpreparedness
  • Stress of Anticipated Injury
  • Outside influences
  • Competitive stress
  • Stress from coaches/parents
  • Low confidence
  • Big-game stress
  • Complacency/lethargy
  • Unable to sustain performance
  • Getting “stuck”
  • Unable to communicate effectively

Some of the results obtained through the SPC program are:

  • Improved confidence before & during matches
  • Improved mental energy
  • Improved motivation C Improved willpower
  • Improved creativity in matches
  • Improved ability to get into zone
  • Improved clarity and focus C Improved team communication
  • Improved resilience in the middle of a game
  • Improved endurance



Assessing Needs of the athlete

  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Questionnaire


Determining psychological demands of the sport

  • Explosiveness vs. endurance
  • Fine vs. gross motor skills
  • Short duration vs. long duration of activity
  • One performance vs. multiple performances


Baseline & Goal Setting

  • Understand need & context
  • Mindset baselining
  • Meet coachee/ ensure chemistry
  • Establish expectations


Continual Assessment & Fine tuning

  • Develop and Implement action plan
  • Create customize dashboard
  • 1-1 coaching, reinforcement & fine tuning
  • Goal calibration


  • Dedicated mind-coach for each sportsperson
  • Designed by Some of the Best Mental Trainers in the World
  • Option of specialist multiple coaches, for multiple goals on need basis
  • In-person & phone based coaching. Other options include web-video conference, e-mail, and SMS
  • Individual customized goal sheet & dashboard
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of goal related activities
  • SMS & e-mail based reinforcement
  • Learn the Same Skills Used by Professional and Olympian Athletes
  • Facilitates accelerated learning through personalized coaching
  • Convenient to use
  • Affordable & on-demand
  • Result oriented and progressive towards the goal
  • Is NOT prescriptive or counseling
  • No confidential details
  • 95% goal success rate

Who are Mind coaches?

  • Kaleidoscope’s Mental Fitness Coaches are experts in behavioral sciences including psychology, NLP, Gestalt and classical conditioning and are trained and certified on Kaleidoscope’s Rapid Mind Conditioning methodology.
    They are vastly experienced in providing result-based personal coaching programs not only in the field of sports, but in academic, executive & corporate as well.

    The approach the coaches use has been built fundamentally around 3 levels of performance:

    • Level 1: Fundamental Skills
      Required on day-day basis for long periods of time,
      focused on attaining long-term goals
      (Attitude, motivation, goals/commitment, people skills)
    • Level 2: Preparatory Skills
      Essential skills required immediately before as well as
      during key moments of performance
      (Self-talk, mental imagery)
    • Level 3: Performance Skills
      Used during actual performance behavior
      (Managing anxiety, managing emotions, concentration)


Based on the pre-program assessments (goals, age of athlete, competitive level, urgency, current emotional fitness, etc), the coach & coachee will derive the most suited package to initiate the coaching.

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