Here at Myndscope, we pride ourselves in providing leading edge services in the E-Learning space, both as a consulting company, a service provider and as a preferred partner with organizations, academies and individuals. We recognise the ever-growing need for consulting and learning in the corporate and academic community – the need for practical skills improvement, workplace-applicable knowledge, professional development, workplace competence and career progression opportunities.

We look to meet and solve this very need through adaptive technology that enables personalised and self-paced learning. We provide high impact blended learning solutions and On-demand e-Learning solutions. By partnering with you, our team designs blended-learning solutions that are highly relevant, performance-centric and personalised.

We craft unique learning experiences for forward thinking organizations and institutions across all sectors to unlock possibilities to learn just-in-time and keep pace with change. This includes consulting on innovative learning strategies, creative blending of classroom and online learning, customised e-Learning, mobile learning, video learning and performance support tools.

In addition to learning, we address the change management element of a new intervention and create comprehensive learning strategies to support engagement and the adoption of learning.


Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the central repository for learning activities and courses. Our standard LMS features include the ability to access eLearning courses and track user access and results, along with the ability to export individual and group learning completions

We have partnered with leading technology providers, and several other forward-thinking institutions to build a suite of learning tools that are required for the learning environments of the future.

Our LMS, E-SCAPE has been designed to be loosely coupled with a great user experience that is built around the critical concepts of edtech needed for educators to deliver a more personalized learning experience and deeply understand learner performance across different phases of the learning model

The E-SCAPE Learning Management System provides a full online solution:

  • Administrating members (and the various organisations or departments that they come from)
  • Simple development of tests, assessments and content
  • Managing learner access to lessons
  • Monitoring learner progress and tracking scores
  • Enabling a collaborative learning environments
  • Generating management reports to track learning effectiveness
  • Adding interactive elements such as leader-boards, social walls and other plug-ins to make the journey a lot more engaging for the learner


Myndscope offers Immersive Learning Programs (ILP) through gaming and simulations, focused on management training, assessments and research by leveraging its association with leading global technology partners who have won awards in serious gaming and simulations firm.

Business simulation is simulation used for business training, education or analysis. It can be scenario-based or numeric-based. Most business simulations are used for business acumen training and development. Fortune 500 companies, students at top B-schools, top-notch academicians and recruiters have been delighted with the simulation-based products and services.

All products and services have been developed with this philosophy, to include: business simulations, multimedia case studies, virtual learning tools that are immersive, engaging and real-life-like.

Participants gain access to exploring situations that they would typically face in their roles and get access to different techniques to handle these situations in a safe environment.

Some of these learnings and outcomes include:

  • Self-awareness and Self-management
  • Administrating members (and the various organisations or departments that they come from)
  • Situational Leadership
  • Strategy, Influencing, Collaborating and Decision Making
  • Building Business acumen
  • Leading Business in a VUCA world
  • Managing change
  • Financial Acumen
  • Sales Excellence
  • Project Management, Risk Management


We specialize in the development of interactive, engaging and memorable eLearning courses. When we refer to ‘eLearning’, we’re specifically referring to immersive and highly interactive online learning experiences. We work closely with your organisation and subject matter experts to ensure that your digital content is relevant, engaging and specifically targeted to your learner group, whilst also meeting your organisations’ training needs and objectives.

We do this through a team of experienced instructional designers, content developers, coaches and graphic designers, to ensure that the learner’s journey is painless and cost-effective. We will seamlessly integrate your online resources to fit any website or LMS, or even set you up with an LMS if needed.

eLearning methods create the perfect learning scenario for employee training programs, and personal development for those who want to continue learning in a way that is manageable and undisruptive. We digitally produce your training modules and facilitate eLearning courses, assisting students as well as administrators.

Our custom courses are designed, written and developed specifically to achieve your business objectives and contextually resonate with your learners – there’s nothing generic about it. Every eLearning solution is different; however, the learning methodology of our courses is based on applying sound adult learning principles, such as Gagne’s Elements of Effective Instructional Design and Keller’s ARCS Model (Arousal, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction).

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