ART OF THE PITCH … achieving the objective and not just delivering content

Art of the pitch

Theatre and Drama in corporate learning  and development is not about creating actors but about  giving people skills for life and business. 

Whether you want to explore themes such as Leadership, Impact and Personal Presence, Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Presentation Skills, or other management issues, training with drama can be very effective by allowing people to experience new ways of thinking and behaving.

Taking improvisation techniques from the theatre and applying them within a business setting allows you to explore a wide range of issues.

Program features


The opportunity to learn in a safe environment and practice skills with others


Combined series of drama-based practical exercises, theory and practise sessions with feedback and development points


Infusion of organization & individual specific development areas


Option to use video-based play back & individual assessment using MENTAL , Emotional & PHYSICAL patterns


Tailored to  specific presentation requirements


Individual Assessment at the start, mid way & ending

Benefits to participants

Who will benefit from this program?

Key traits/topics addressed