FINquest … the game of business economics for non finance folks!

Raise your level of financial awareness , use the financial information provided , make better short-term or long-term decisions… and have fun while doing so!

It’s not just financial and accountancy professionals who deal with spreadsheets, and figures, and the financial side of business. It’s highly likely that, as a leader at any level, you’re going to have to analyze figures at some point and try to measure financial performance. There are many different ways to measure financial performance, but ideally these should be looked at in aggregation. 

FINquest has been designed with this very objective in mind, on how do we bridge this gap and at the same time, how do we make  the topic of finance FUN & Interesting?

Approach & delivery


Game-based approach, with real-time situations and case-studies used all through


Participants get to make mistakes, create business plans, run P&L statements and identify areas that were uncovered earlier


Microsoft XL, PPT and simple tools will be used.


 Post-program reinforcement, to ensure application of skills taught


Program will be delivered by certified Finance Experts (CFEs)

Benefits to participants

Who will benefit from this program?

Programs, duration & Investment

Personal Fin. Statement and Analysis

Constructing One Page Financial Plan

Finance for non-finance managers