Program for Corporate ​

Neuro Linguistic Programming , often referred to as “The Art and Science of Excellence”, has emerged as a preferred option for professionals to enhance their personal abilities, through its simplistic yet high impact appeal.

Identify the underlying structures and patterns in  yours  and others’ thinking  levels’ model (environment, behaviour, capability, beliefs and values, identity)

Key Outcomes addressed through the program

The emphasis during the 2 Day course is on Personal Development and  for participants to:

Gain control over your emotions and reactions so you can choose the state of mind to be in to get the best results

Learn to use different styles of communication in pictures, words, logic and feelings

Find out and overcome your own limiting beliefs and re-programme yourself to be whoever you want to be

Discover the keys to winning instant trust and respect with all kinds of people so that you can develop your personal influence

Tune in to social skills drivers to achieve win/win results

Read non-verbal communication, understand hidden messages and use that information to tailor your own communication

Tune in to social skills drivers to achieve win/win results

This highly experiential program instills core techniques as participants are required to practice all of the techniques with fellow course participants

Why are organizations recommending this certification program to their employees?