INNOV8… using sports & drama for design thinking, innovation & problem solving


An immersive sport and drama based experience that empowers you to solve customer or internal process problems, implement design-centered thinking, use lean innovation techniques and jobs-to-be-done analysis

INNOV8 is devised unconventional techniques that help people come up with profound solutions for workplace issues. Escape from your usual patterns of thinking to produce enhanced results.

This extremely effective blended learning approach, using our game-based approach is clubbed very seamlessly with our highly specialised classroom reinforcements. This approach helps stretch people’s imaginations, facilitates robust learning and builds an atmosphere of ideas & innovation.

Program features


An immersive learning format

Identify & build up on mental processes which manage, guide and direct other mental processes


Customized program

Program/game is customized based on pre-defined objectives, as per business requirements



Participants face situations that they typically find uncomfortable handling, challenging them to make decisions that stimulate new responses


Globally recognized tools

on creative thinking, design thinking and innovation are explored  and applied at specific instances during the program (CAPS, Thinking Hats, etc)

Benefits to participants

Who will benefit from this program?

Key traits/topics addressed